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When Aubrey Addams gets herself bent over with a huge cock in her pussy from behind the last thing she is thinking about is sucking another one isn’t it? No it isn’t. In fact the first thing she is thinking off is sucking another one while she gets that cock stuffed in her pussy. She likes to get paid well and she certainly earns her dollars when she gets fucked and she sucks off these older guys. There is nothing like an older dude to show you what you need to know though Aubrey is there? And no amount of money can pay for experience!


Bree Olson satisfies two cocks in this great porno clip

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Bubbly Bree Olson is back at it again and this time our blonde super-starlet is all business! Caught between two mature men each twice her age Bree relies on the adorable smile and tight teen fuckholes that have always allowed her to get what she wants from people. Watch the way she casually leans to one side so that her costars can have easier access to her mouth and pussy for the purpose of packing her whole body air-tight with cock! If you have never seen Bree in action before warm-up your hard drive because this facial threeway is destined to be saved in your permanent porn collectors folder! Bree Olson knows how to make a facial into a three person activity! – Relentless


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Christie Lee is a teen slut on her first time here at 1000 Facials. She likes fucking the old guy and the younger one in this movie she doesn’t seem to have a preference at all. The old guy certainly looks like he’s having the time of his fucking life getting his dick sucked by this tee. Hell if i’m getting my cock sucked by a teen when i’m in my 60s then i’ll be real fucking happy to work in the porn industry! This guy has got quite a big cock actually in fact they both have and i’m surprised that the little Christie Lee can take on these two studs at the same time.


These two guys certainly give Page a few lessons.

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Page is one of those teens who you just want to fuck no matter what she’s doing you you. If she’s sucking you then you simply have to have her fucking you. But when she’s got two old guys like this fucking her then she has it both ways as much as she likes doesn’t she? I particularly like it when the old guy on the couch decides to have a little rest while his buddy fucks the shit out of the teenage bitch. Then the old guy comes up again to stick it in her mouth. This teen gives great teen blow jobs; in fact she gives great teen everything


Bree Olson has such long lines! She is popular! haha!

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Bree Olson signing autographs!


Young girl/older guys in a BBG threesome

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Page is 18 (and a half) so she’s old enough to fuck but not old enough to drink. Our cameras found her loitering outside the liquor store looking for someone to buy her a 6-pack of beer. She asks a couple of old dudes and they don’t buy this piece of jailbait any beer but they do promise to give her some cash if she does a little "modeling". Page isn’t exactly the model type. She’s a total stoner chick and she’s still got a little baby fat clinging to her — probably the product of the munchies and all those late-night beer runs. But the kind of modeling they want doesn’t require a perfect body and 2% body fat — you just have to love to fuck. This is the first time she’s ever had a threesome and probably the first time she’s fucked a couple of guys who are at least her father’s age but these older guys convince her with a pocketful of cash and Page gives up her young pussy for her first three-way sex.These daddies have a little mother’s milk for sweet Page*Monique*


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Page looks her age alright; she’s a sweet 18 year old bitch who loves to get fucked by anyone who has a cock big enough to satisfy her. This is why she’s getting it from these two guys. Hell she’s even worn one of them out hasn’t she? Just look at the poor bastard laying there on the couch trying to get his breath back man! Mind you when he does get up you can see that he has certainly got his breath back and he is certainly ready in the cock department! No viagra for this guy!


Bree Touching and getting very close with her fans!

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Bree Olson at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas Nevada having fun with her fans!


Goddess Bree Olson gets naughty and naked at beach

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This is behind the scenes of me shooting for the movie of Brees Beach Party 2 and 3 for Adam and Eve. There is some funny stuff on here ;)


Bree Olson loves to get have fun with her fans!

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Bree Olson signing and showing video for her fans! She loves being naughty even in Public!